Community Services


CPR and First Aid Training

LaVale Volunteer Rescue Squad is a authorized training center of the American Health and Safety Institute (ASHI). ASHI is one of three major CPR/First Aid certification agencies in the US which is recognized almost everywhere and uses the most current AHA standards. We have the capability to offer a variety of certification classes to the community including Community CPR and AED, Healthcare Provider CPR, First Aid, and more.

We have several in-house instructors who can provide these courses to your group. Due to the time and cost of the course, we do not offer classes for individuals. If you have a group that would like to take a course, please call our Training Center Administrator Robby May, at (252) 578-6993. He can share with you more information including the time required for specific courses and the cost associated.

Because we have a training room and equipment at our rescue squad, all courses are taught in our station. Please arrange your training at least a month in advance, as there are other events that occur at the rescue squad and our instructors do not do this on a full time basis.


Showing of Ambulances / Community Education

Occasionally, we receive requests from schools, Scouting groups, and other organizations in the community to either bring our ambulance to show or provide tours of our station. We are both happy and more than willing to do so. For many years we have had a strong tradition of sharing the ambulance and talking about what we do for the community to many organizations including our local schools. This is especially a wonderful way for children to see an ambulance up close and to meet the men and women who staff it so that they have less anxiety when an emergency does occur.

If you are interested in having one of our ambulances come to your location (must be in LaVale so that we can ensure emergency care is still available) please call our station at (301) 729-4458 to arrange this. If you would like to arrange a tour of our station, please also call our station and we would be more than happy to help you. Please understand that we are staffed by volunteers and our availability to provide these services depends if we have the volunteers to do so on the date and time you have requested.  


Lions Club Medical Equipment Lending Program

The LaVale Lions Club, a local civic club, provides a variety of wonderful services to our community. One of those services is the lending of convalescent medical equipment to members of the community. The Lions Club has a variety of equipment including hospital beds, walkers, bathroom chairs, and much more of which they provide on a borrowing basis to anyone from the community.

If you are in need of equipment or have questions, please call the Lions Den on Braddock Rd. directly at (301) 729-4166. You will be asked to leave a message. Members of the club check the answerin machine daily and will return your call. LaVale Volunteer Rescue Squad does not lend out medical equipment, however we do serve as a collection point for the Lions Club once you are finished using your medical equipment. After you are done using your equipment, you may drop it off in front of the front window flower bed at our station (with the exception of hospital beds).

You can find out more about the services the Lions Club provides to our community by visiting their website