Questions About Billing

For many years, LaVale Volunteer Rescue Squad provided 100% free emergency medical services to the community. As the cost of medications, medical equipment, utilities, and other necessities have continued to increase, we were no longer able to do this. In fact, we were the last rescue squad in Allegany County to begin billing for patient care. While we now bill for providing you with emergency services, we are proud that our members are still volunteer.

Often, patients who we have treated or family members will call the rescue squad to ask questions about a bill they received. Please understand that LaVale Volunteer Rescue Squad does not handle the billing for the patients we provide emergency care to. Our billing  is handled by a Maryland company called Medical Claim-Aid which is located in Denton, Maryland.

Medical Claim​-Aid does the necessary medical coding and submits bills for payment in accordance with nationally standardized rates. We have no direct control over billing rates, as they are set by the Federal Government for individual services provided, such as mileage, medications, and level of care required.

Questions about a bill you received?

If you have specific questions about a bill which you have received, please call Medical Claim-Aid directly at 1-800-432-5940 or visit their website and they will be happy to assist you.

Requesting a copy of a Patient Care Report (PCR)?

Patients, attorneys, law enforcement, or any other person requesting a copy of a Patient Care Report (PCR) should contact MIEMSS to obtain an official copy of the report. We can no longer release reports from our station.

MIEMSS can be reached at 410-706-3669 or by mail at:


653 West Pratt St

Baltimore MD  21201-1536